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SFE is not affiliated with any bank or other financial institution

SFE’s success is built on a tradition of giving personal attention to each client’s needs and expectations. We provide sound advice, objective research and professional portfolio management – all customized to meet your unique requirements. Whether you are a business owner, a charity or a trustee, SFE proactively manages your portfolio and is directly accessible and accountable to you. As your financial priorities evolve, we listen, and adjust your investment strategy to meet your changing circumstances. 


SFE Investment Counsel

801 South Figueroa Street

Suite 2100

Los Angeles, CA 90017

David Thomsen,Vice President

Telephone: 213.612.0220

Toll Free: 800.445.6320

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David J. Thomsen

Vice President, Business Development
BA Philosophy, La Salle University; MBA University of Colorado at Boulder

David joined the firm in 2006 to attract new clients and to help broaden SFE's institutional and wholesale distribution channels. David is also responsible for SFE's compliance with GIPS reporting requirements, most daily trading functions and maintaining SFE's composite information on the institutional databases. David serves on the Investment Committee and is a shareholder in the firm.

A native of Los Angeles, David began his post graduate career writing business plans for start-up internet and technology companies. David enjoyed a successful radio career in network and advertising sales, affiliating radio stations with programming and selling companies spot ads and promotions in the Dodgers Radio Broadcast. He began his financial services career in 2001 as a Client Financial Analyst with Citigroup. David is currently a member of the Board of Trustees for the Idyllwild School of Creative Arts and serves on the Strategic Planning and Fund Raising Committees for the New Center for Psychoanalysis. David was a founding member of the La Salle Rugby club, where he played for 4 years, and enjoys golf and paddle tennis in his spare time.