Earl W. Fisher

Founder, Chairman Emeritus
Education: BS International Relations, Pomona College; Fulbright Scholar

Earl is SFE's original founder and spiritual leader. Long before "sustainability" was in fashion, Earl was investing in forward-thinking companies that demonstrated concern for their customers, shareholders and the greater good. This philosophy has since been formalized as SFE's Pathways™ SRI Strategy. Earl provided a vast wealth of knowledge and experience to the SFE Team.

After graduating from Pomona College, Earl was awarded a Fulbright Scholarship to study opera in Germany. His talent led to an eight year career as a professional singer in the opera houses of Coburg, Heidelberg and Muenster. Upon his return to the US, Earl entered the investment business, becoming an officer at Stern Frank Meyer & Fox Inc. In 1977, he founded Stern Fisher Edwards Inc, the predecessor company to SFE. He has served as president of Catholic Big Brothers and is Past President of the Board of Governors of the Idyllwild Arts Foundation. Earl recently completed his memoirs, a collection of his journal entries and photographs entitled, “Singing in the Pantheon”.